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Access Campsite

If attending Creamfields for the weekend, Access Customers can apply (via our Access Requirements Form) to stay in our Access Campsite containing additional Access facilities. By positioning these facilities in one campsite we can ensure that they are serviced, cleaned and maintained regularly.

The Access Campsite is located as close to the Arena as possible, staffed 24 hours, and is where our Access Team are based.

Group Size

As well as you and your PA, we also allow up to two friends to camp with you in the Access Campsite (a maximum of 4 people including you). You must register the number of your group during the application process so that they are issued with the appropriate wristbands to access the Access Campsite.

Campsite facilities include:

  • Wheelchair accessible toilets and showers
  • A Changing Places Unit featuring a changing bed, a toilet, sink and a hoist. Please be aware that access customers must bring their own sling. (This unit is not for sleeping.)
  • Standard toilets and showers
  • Drinking water points and accessible sink
  • Waste-disposal point
  • Electrical points for charging wheelchairs or mobility scooters
  • Fridge for secure medication storage
  • Campsite hub and information (where our Access Team are based)

Gold and Other Campsites

If you are an access customer staying in any of our public or upgraded campsites, please notify the Access team in your application. We are still able to provide a PA ticket at no additional charge that will allow the PA to remain with you in these campsites, however these PA tickets will not cover any concessions that come with the upgrades (such as complimentary food or drinks).

We will not be able to replicate the same facilities as we do in our Accessible campsite, so there may be fewer or no accessible showers or toilets in these campsites. There will be longer distances to walk into the Arena and Village from these campsites.


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