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Did you know?

  • Our goal is to recycle a minimum of 20 to 40% of the Creamfields waste this year.
  • There will be a two-bin system in all campsite and arena areas, with a three-bin system in food service areas.


Here is what you can put in each bin:

COMPOSTABLE waste (into bins with BROWN signs!):  

  • Food packaging, except for pizza boxes, and
  • Food leftovers.

RECYCLABLE waste (into bins with GREEN signs!):  

  • Empty plastic bottles,
  • Empty cans,
  • Dry, clean, paper and cardboard.


NOT RECYCLABLE waste (into bins with WHITE signs!) :  

  • Any flexible plastics, such as crisp packets
  • All hygiene products, including wet wipes and tissues
  • Anything else you’re not sure about.
  • And, if there is no COMPOSTABLE waste bin
  • All food packaging/containers such as pizza boxes and disposable cutlery. 


Here’s what you can do to help us meet our recycling goal:  

  • Pick up clear and green bin bags from the campsite Recycling Points
  • Fill the clear bin bag with NON RECYCLABLE waste
  • Fill the green bin bag with RECYCLABLE waste
  • Drop off full bin liners of the correct waste at the Hubs to win rewards.
  • More information on rewards can be found under “Feed our recyclers”
  • Don’t need incentives? Please drop your bins in the signposted waste points at the campsite.

In the arena, you can receive a drink voucher if you collect 50 paper cups and return them to the Cup Exchange in the main arena. 



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