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On approach to the site, please follow relevant signage which will be clearly displayed. Do not use Sat Nav systems as there are various road closures in place around the site which means they won’t work.

Travelling from East Anglia

  • Please follow the A12 to Chelmsford

Travelling from The South or West

  • Take the M25 and exit at junction 28 to the A12
  • At Chelmsford exit from the A12 to the festival site along the A414
  • Once on the A414 be sure to check the signs and follow the appropriate directions.

Travelling from The North

  • If you are travelling from the north via the M11 follow the signs from Junction 7 to Chelmsford on the A414.
  • Once at Chelmsford you will pick up the directions for Hylands Park.


PLEASE NOTE – If travelling from the North on SUNDAY 28th MAY:-

If you are travelling from the north via the M11, stay on the M11 then join the M25 towards Dartford Crossing, Gatwick.  Exit M25 at Junction 28 for Chelmsford onto the A12 towards Chelmsford and you will pick up the signs for Creamfields.

Due to local road closures on Sunday 28th May, you cannot access the event site if you leave the M11 at junction 7

For updates on Ride London Road Closures click here 

Exiting the Site

Most customers generally try to leave at the same time, which causes congestion, especially on Monday morning when local people travel to work.

There are a limited number of gates going out of the park and the egress can be slow. Please be patient, the Police and Stewards will do all they can to assist and get you away from the site as quickly as possible.

Parking on Site

For information about parking at Creamfields, click here

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