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What can i bring to the festival?

Can I leave the event site and then come back (i.e. are there pass-outs)?

There are no pass outs at Creamfields.

If you have a camping ticket and you leave the festival site you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED RE-ENTRY

If travelling by car, please ensure you take everything with you from your vehicle as once you enter the festival site you will not be allowed back out to your vehicle to make multiple journeys

If you have a day ticket and you leave the festival site you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED RE-ENTRY

If you have a 2 or 3 day non camping ticket  you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED RE-ENTRY ON  INDIVIDUAL DAYS. If you have a 2 or 3 day non camping ticket, you will need to produce the relevant ticket to regain entry the following day.

Friday is only accessible to those with a 3 day camping or 3 day non camping ticket or Friday Day Ticket.

Is Creamfields South a Cashless event?

Yes, all bars & food concessions including funfair at Creamfields are cashless. Only cards & contactless + Apple Pay accepted.

How much alcohol can I bring?

Alcohol may only be brought into the festival if you are camping. There is a limit of 24 cans and a 1 litre plastic bottle of spirit or wine per person. Any alcohol in glass bottles must be decanted into plastic bottles. Cans can be mixed – e.g. 12 cider and 12 lager and they may be loose (not in a crate) but must not exceed 24.

Please note that alcohol may not be brought into the event Arena which will be enforced upon entrance into the Arena.


Strictly NO kegs allowed.

I have a camping ticket, what night(s) does this allow me to camp and when do I need to leave site?

If you have a 3 day camping ticket, this allows you to camp for 3 nights (Friday night/Saturday night & Sunday night), if you have a 2 day camping ticket, this allows you to camp for 2 nights (Saturday & Sunday night).  The campsite will close at 1pm on Monday.


Will there be Accessible Toilets?

Please click here for more info

How do I apply for disabled access?

Please click here for more info

Can I buy a Friday day ticket?

Day Tickets can be purchased for Friday, Saturday and Sunday .

Also 3 day non camping (friday/Saturday/Sunday) and 2 day non-camping tickets (Saturday & Sunday are available).  If you are staying off site you will need to purchase a 3 or 2 day non camping or 1 Day ticket.

If you are camping at the festival you need to purchase a 3 or 2 day camping ticket

Who will be playing at Creamfields South?

Line up to be announced

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Is there going to be a car park at the festival? How much does it cost?

You can pre book your car park pass or pay on the day.

2 & 3 Day Camping / 2 Day Non Camping (£30 if booked in advance) / £35 on the day)

Day Ticket Holders (£15 if booked in advance) / £25 on the day)


If you have purchased a Gold Ticket or Dreamfields accommodation free parking is included in your package and you do not need to purchase a car park pass.


Where is Creamfields South?

The location of Creamfields South is Hylands, Park, Chelmsford, Essex which is less than an hours drive from London by car, and just 30 minutes by train from London Liverpool Street Station to Chelmsford Station.  Please click here for more information on travel to the festival.

What age do you need to be to attend Creamfields South?

Creamfields is strictly an 18’s and over event, and we will be operating a strict Challenge 21  policy at the entrances / bars and spot checks will be in operation around the festival site.

Please ensure you bring acceptable forms of valid ID, these are:

o    An in date photographic driver’s license or provisional licence,

o    A valid passport (not a photocopy). Out of date passports will NOT be accepted.

o    A Proof of Age Standards Scheme Card (showing the PASS hologram) more information on the pass scheme website.

o    An in date Armed Forces Photo ID Card

o    A national photo identity card issued by country of origin (other than the United Kingdom)


*Please note that customers on site may be asked to produce ID at any point during the event so we advise ALL customers to bring valid ID. In addition, we operate a Challenge 21 policy so please ensure you bring an acceptable form of proof of age ID.

I have a question regarding Dreamfields/Pre Pitch, who can help with this?

If your query is regarding your Dreamfields or Pre Pitch booking you will need to contact Ticketmaster who you purchased it from who will be able to access your booking.   Please contact their customer service here


For specific questions regarding Dreamfields or Pre pitch accommodation – please email


Please Note

Festival Tickets are not included in your Dreamfields or Pre Pitch accommodation price and must be booked separately. Everyone staying in your Dreamfields or Pre pitch accommodation must have a 2 or 3 day Camping ticket (Standard or Gold) to gain entry

I’ve bought a 3 or 2 day camping ticket but can’t get there on the first day, can I still gain entry?

Yes, you can arrive any day your ticket is valid for.

I’m staying in a hotel off site, what ticket do i need?

If you are staying off site you will need to purchase a Non Camping ticket or a Day Ticket (depending on what day(s) you are wanting to attend.


A 3 day Non camping ticket gets you access into the event on Friday, Saturday & Sunday and allows you to leave the site each night and return the following day.  A 2 Day Non Camping ticket gets you access into the event on Saturday & Sunday.  And a Friday, Saturday or Sunday Day tickets allows you access for that particular day.

If you have a camping ticket and have decided not to camp, you will not be allowed re-entry the next day, so please ensure you  have the correct ticket, contact your ticket agent with any issues.

Will there be food & drink concessions in the campsite?

Yes, there will be various catering units inside the event arena and the campsite. A full range will be available including vegetarian and vegan. If you have any specific dietary concerns.  Gluten free food options are available, please speak to the food vendor for guidance at the event or contact closer to the event for more info on food concessions on site.

Where can i buy a ticket?

Click here for a list of official ticket agents.

Do not buy tickets from unofficial ticket outlets, unlawful street traders/touts or off social media. There is no guarantee of any ticket’s validity for entry unless purchased from official ticket agents.

When is Creamfields South?

Creamfields South takes place on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2023 Bank Holiday weekend.  Those camping at the event, the campsite closes at midday on Monday 29th May

What’s included with a gold ticket?

Click here for more info on what is included with your Gold Ticket

When will i receive my tickets?

Tickets will be posted out from April and could arrive up to a week before the event.  If you have any concerns regarding your tickets please contact the ticket agent you purchased your ticket from.

When do my deposit payments come out?

For a full breakdown of deposit payments and instalment dates, please click here

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