Advice from Essex Police

Essex Police advice on how to #StaySafe and have fun!

We hope you have a wonderful time at Creamfields this year, have fun and please act responsibly and look out for each other.

A festival is a community, and we all need to play a part in keeping each other safe. To help you #StaySafe we have put together some advice ahead of the festival:

Stick with your mates and look after each other especially when walking back to your tents or cars at night.

Just like in any nightclub, bar, or pub, be aware and remain alert. Enjoy a few drinks but know your limits. Alcohol impairs your judgement and can make you a more vulnerable target.

Look out for your friends and seek help if they are more drunk than you would expect, dizzy or slurring their words, take control and make sure they are okay.

Do not attempt to bring drugs to the festival. Creamfields South has a zero tolerance to drugs. If you are caught with drugs, you should expect to be arrested and evicted from the festival.

If you are arriving by car, make sure you remove all valuables and try not to leave anything on view. The temperatures may be hot but please shut windows and lock your vehicle.

While the festival should be a fun environment, please don’t trust strangers with any of your valuables, and don’t leave valuable items unattended inside your tents if you are staying.

Creamfields is a cashless site so if bringing cash think about how much you bring with you. Always keep your cards and car keys safe and avoid using back pockets – they are more easily targeted by pick pockets.

Try not to bring unnecessary valuable items with you and if you do need to, only take them out of your bag when you need them and put them back in when you have finished using them. When you are sleeping, keep valuables inside the bottom of your sleeping bag with you.

Keep your phone battery charged in case you need to contact your friends and at night, stick together, and keep to well-lit busy walkways. There will be charging points onsite, plan ahead and pre-book a slot.

If you see trouble brewing, walk away, and don’t get involved. Look for a member of security staff and report it – prevention is always better than trying to resolve a problem afterwards.

No matter your age, we know that drink or drugs can make abuse even worse. If your behaviour is abusive #Reflect on how to change. Get help to change today: www.thechange-project.org  Or call 0845 372 7701

If you are a victim of abuse, you can get help and support by visiting www.essexcompass.org.uk