Our primary on ‘ON SITE HOSPITAL’ located near the entrance to the campsite village entrance is open 24 hours a day across the event weekend with a wide range of fully trained medical staff including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, First Responders and Mental Health practitioners.   Our team can deal with the full range of emergency and urgent care medical problems and offers the same range of services as a conventional Emergency Department, including an on-site X-Ray service.

In addition to the primary ON SITE HOSPITAL and WELFARE points, we have various medical response teams positioned across the festival site as well as foot patrols across the campsite and event arena.

How to get help

If you need Medical or First Aid assistance, and if you can, head to the ‘ON SITE HOSPITAL’ or approach a member of our First Aid or Medical teams who will be able assist.  If it’s an emergency reach out to the closest member of staff who will be able to contact our Event Control and get assistance to you; only dial 999 as a last resort as this may not be the best way of getting help to you on the festival site.

We don’t recommend that you try to make your own way off site to hospital, access to medical treatment is available on site, you may delay receiving treatment by trying to access health services elsewhere, if the medical site team do feel you need transfer to Hospital services they will make the appropriate arrangements.

Prescription drugs

We recommend that if you are prescribed medication and have been advised to use these continuously, please ensure you bring them with you and take them as prescribed. It’s worth noting that we DO allow prescribed medication on site. This must be in your name and your ID may be asked to prove who you are. ALL prescribed medication should be in the correct packaging, and any loose medication not in the correct packaging will not be allowed into the festival.